Aanderaa 4060 Temperature Sensor

A compact, high accuracy sensor for measuring the water temperature. Suitable for inland, coastal and deep water applications, the sensor is designed for easy integration to Aanderaa's range of data loggers and instruments, as well as third party data loggers

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The Aanderaa 4060 is a high precision, rugged temperature sensor suitable for deployment in a wide range of applications. Offering both AiCAP and RS-232 outputs, and rated down to 6000m, the 4060 is the ideal choice for commercial and research purposes

Advantages include:

  • Smart Sensor Technology - Plug & Play
  • Calibration Coefficients stored in the sensor
  • 3 depth ranges, maximum 6000m
  • Outputs AiCAP Canbus & RS-232
  • Rapid response times (<2 seconds)
  • High resolution (0.001ºC)
  • High accuracy (±0.03ºC)