Aanderaa SeaGuard RCM

The single-point SEAGUARD® RCM series is a completely new generation of current meters based on the SEAGUARD® datalogger platform and the ZPulse® multi-frequency Doppler Current Sensor (DCS). SEAGUARD® Products are based on modern technology and are the basic modules of our underwater observatory. They may be used as a multi-parameter instrument in the sea and in freshwater and feature a modular plug-and-play architecture.

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SeaGuard RCM platforms provides the user with the possibility to perform long term monitoring of sea and inland water using the latest technology for measurement.

  • SeaGuard Platform SW - 300m
  • SeaGuard Platform IW - 3000m
  • SeaGuard Platform DW - 6000m

It employs AADI sensors known for their long term calibration stability and unique non-stirring sensitive construction. The user may select between a wide range of framing and deployment features, real-time communication facilities and storage capabilities.

The new single-point, Recording Current Meter(RCM) series featuring the new ZPulse™, multi-frequency Doppler Current Sensor and CANBus based AiCap smart sensor technology.

SeaGuard RCM Advantages:

  • Large storage capacity on SD card
  • Down to 2 second recording interval
  • Up to 4 Analog sensor input (0-5V)
  • For use in sea and fresh water
  • Low current drain
  • SEAGUARD® Studio visualization software included
  • Real-Time XML Output included in high power version
  • Broadband ZPulse® multi-frequency technology reduces power consumption and improves quality
  • Smart sensor topology based on a reliable CANbus interface (AiCaP)
  • Windows CE based datalogger with color touch panel for local configuration
  • 300 m, 2000 m and 6000 meter versions
Top-end Plate capability:  Up to 6 sensors can be fitted onto the Top-end Plate, of which 4 can be analog sensors (0-5V)
Recording System: Data Storage on SD card  
Storage Capacity:     2GB  
Alkaline 3988:  9V, 15Ah (nominal 12.5Ah; 20W down to 6V at 4°C) 
or Lithium 3908: 7V, 35Ah  
Recording Interval: From 2s, depending on the node configuration for each instrument
Recording settings: Fixed interval settings or  
Customized Sequence setting  
Protocol: AiCaP CANbus based protocol  
Depth Capacity: 300m/2000m/6000m  
Platform Dimensions:    
300m version (SW):  H: 356mm  OD: 139mm  
2000m version (IW):  H: 352mm  OD: 140mm  
6000m version (DW): H: 368mm  OD: 143mm  
External Materials:    
300m version: PET, Titanium, Stainless Steel 316, Durotong DT322 polyurethane
2000/6000m version: Stainless steel 316, Titanium, OSNISIL, 
Durotong DT322 polyurethane    
Weight: In Air In Water
300m version (SW):    7.6 kg   2.0 kg
2000m version (IW):  14.8 kg   8.5 kg
6000m version (DW): 15.7 kg 10.5 kg
Supply Voltage:  6– 14 Volts  
Operating Temperature:  -5 to +50°C  
ZPulse® Doppler Current Sensor (DCS) Specifications  
Current Speed:  (Vector averaged)  
Range: 0-300 cm/s  
Resolution:  0.1 mm/s  
Mean Accuracy:  ± 0.15 cm/s  
Relative:  ± 1% of  reading  
Statistic variance (std) 0.3 cm/s (ZPulse® mode),  
(0.45 cm/s 1)  
Current Direction:    
 Range:  0 – 360° magnetic  
 Resolution: 0.01°  
 Accuracy:  ±5° for 0-15° tilt  
±7.5° for 15-35° tilt  
Tilt Circuitry:    
 Range: 0-35°  
 Resolution: 0.01°  
 Accuracy: ±1.5°  
Compass Circuitry:    
 Resolution: 0.01°  
 Accuracy: ±3°  
 Frequency: 1.9 to 2.0 MHz  
 Power: 25 Watts in 1ms pulses  
 Beam angle (main lobe):   
Installation distance:    
 From surface: 0.75m  
 From bottom: 0.5m  
Accessories Included: SEAGUARD Studio  
  SD card: 2 GB  
  Alkaline Battery 3988  
  Documentation on CD   
  Carry handle 4132  
Optional Accessories: Carry handle 4032,3965  
    Mooring frame: In-line 40442)/3824A  
  Bottom 3448R  
  Protecting Rods 3783  
  Sub-surface floats 2211,2212  
    Battery: Internal Lithium 3908  
Internal Alkaline 3988  
Internal Battery Shell 4513  
Electrical terminal 4784  
AC/DC adapter, lab. use 4908  
Real Time licence and collector 
Offline Configuration 4811   
Analog cable/license 4564/4802
Maintenance Kit 3813/3813A  
Tools kit 3986A  
Vane Plate 3781,3681  
Hardcopy Documentation  
Optional Sensors:    
Temperature Sensor 4060    
  Range:  -4-36°C (32-96.8°F)3)  
  Resolution:  0.001°C (0.0018°F)  
  Accuracy:  ±0.03°C (0.054°F)  
  Response Time 63%): < 2 seconds  
Conductivity Sensor 4319    
   Range:  0-7.5 S/m  
   Resolution:  0.0002 S/m  
4319 A:  ±0.005 S/m  
4319 B:  ±0.0018 S/m  
   Response Time:   <3s5)  
Wave and Tide Sensor 4648A    
   Pressure: Range:  0-400kPa (0-58psia)
  Resolution : <0,002% FSO
  Accuracy: ±0,02% FSO
   Wave: Sampling rate: 2Hz, 4Hz
  Number of samples: 25,651,210,242,048
Pressure Sensor 4117    
  Resolution: <0.002% FSO  
  Accuracy:  ±0.02° FSO  
  4117A Range:  0 –   1000kPa (0 – 145 psia)4)   
  4117B Range:  0 –   4000kPa (0 – 580 psia)  
  4117C Range:  0 – 10000kPa (0 – 1450 psia)4)  
  4117D Range:  0 – 20000kPa (0 – 2900 psia)  
  4117E Range:  0 – 40000kPa (0 – 5800 psia)4)  
  4117F Range:  0 – 60000kPa (0 – 8700 psia)  
Turbidity Sensor 4112    
    0-5V Analog Output    
      4112   Range: 0-25 FTU  
      4112A Range: 0-125 FTU  
      4112B Range: 0-500 FTU  
      4112C Range: 0-2000 FTU  
Oxygen Optode 4835/4330   O2-Concentration  Air Saturation  
Measurement Range:   0 – 500 mM       0 - 150%
Resolution:      < 1 mM 0.40%
Accuracy:       <8 mM or 5%         <5 %
Response Time (63%): 4330F (with fast response foil) <8 sec
4835/4330 (with standard foil) <25 sec