Aanderaa GeoView Web Based Display

Aanderaa GeoView is part of the Aanderaa Real-Time Solution. This gives the user vast opportunities for interfacing meteorological, oceanographpic, or other environmental research equipment in a networked solution giving access to data real-time.

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The Aanderaa GeoView has the following functionality:

  • Web based application showing real-time data in a standard browser
  • Display of both real-time and historical data in graphs
  • Datastorage and retrieval from included database
  • Zoom on time scale to study a subset of the data for a certain parameter
  • Standard statistic analysis for min, max, average over selectable intervals
  • Possible to show data from one or more stations in the same display if desired
  • Options for several pages with for instance one station per page
  • Options for including maps to use as a menu system to navigate between data from different sites