WTW IQ SensorNet 182

  • up to 4 digital IQ sensors can be connected
  • Analogue version with up to 5 power outputs and 6 relays
  • Digital outputs PROFIBUS or MODBUS RTU available as options

MCERTS certified

Our latest instrument, the WTW 282 has superseeded this product.  Click here for the lastet information

  • Features

The highest flexibility in the IQ Sensor Net system 182: With the system 182 XT-4, WTW supplies with a customized set for your application, which offers in-situ measurement of up to 4 parameters simultaneously. pH, ORP, oxygen, conductivity, temperature, turbidity, suspended solids, ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, DOC, UVT, COD, BOD, TOC or SAC are the options to select from.

Decide between the analog, PROFIBUS or MODBUS version. Voltage supply via 230 VAC or 24 V AC/DC and the expansion by wireless communication with additional modules is possible.