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YSI Storm 3 'Data to the Web'

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The Storm 3 is the next generation browser based datalogger / telemetry solution allowing for simple connection of environmental monitoring equipment to the web or desktop.

Storm 3

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The Storm 3 datalogger offers basic to complex communication and I/O solutions. It is an easy to use, browser based graphical user interface. 

The Interface

No special software is required to configure a Storm datalogger. It works with all standard web-browers on PC's, tablets and smart phones including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

The Storm 3

The Storm 3 is a mid-range datalogger with a cost to performance ratio that makes it ideal for many applications. The Storm 3 has a balanced set of inputs for anlogue, digital I/O and smart sensors. Communication options allow it to function with various devices including YSI sondes, SonTek dopplers, MET suites and a variety of third party sensors.

Key Features

  • Simple and intuitive browser based Graphical User Interface
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome
  • The GUI works on laptops, PC's, tablets and smart phones
  • Direct connect or wireless (Wi-Fi) connection for the GU interface
  • GPRS / 3G communication (4G ready)
  • Library based sensor setup options
  • Context sensitive 'Built In' help menus
  • Linux based operating system
  • Two USB 2.0 compliant host ports 
  • One USB 2.0 compliance device port (mass storage and communications)
  • Low profile extruded aluminium case, fits in small spaces
  • Wiring does not intefere with I/O labels
  • Removeable terminal strip connectors
  • Power and activity LEDs for visual indication of operation


  • Website, Email or SMS
  • Delta alarm feature to compare sites i.e. upstream vs downstream data
  • User configurable reports

Available in the following set ups

  • Datalogger only
  • Datalogger with GPRS / 3G telemetry
  • Datalogger with GPRS / 3G telemetry in IP67 enclosure with battery, solar regulator and solar panel
  • Suitcase system with GPRS / 3G telemetry is waterproof 'Peli' case for short term monitoring
  • Buoy based using EMM68, EMM700 buoy platform or any third party buoy

GPRS / 3G telemetry data can be viewed either by a hosted data to the web solution or can be locally hosted using the Storm Central software.

To view a demonstration version of the Storm Central Web Server please click here





Data I/O
                                                             Channels                                      4 Single Ended                                                                                                         
Resolution 24 Bit Resolution
Analogue Inputs Accuracy ±0.025% FS
Range 0.0 to 5.0 volts (0.001 to 4.998V)
Type Switched, Ratio Metric with A/D
+ 5.00 Volt Excitation Accuracy ±5.0mV over load and temperature range
Current 10mA Max Load
Type Switched, Unregulated Based on Battery Voltage
Switched +12.0 Volt Excitation Current 1A Max Load, Protected by Resettable Fuse
Type Unregulated Based on Battery Voltage
Constant +12.0 Volt Excitation Current 1A Max Load, Protected by Resettable Fuse
Type Unregulated Based on Battery Voltage
Channels 4 General Purpose Digital I/O
Digital Input
Counter Input
Modes Conditional Output
Digital I/O Input Levels 0.0 to 5.0 Volts
Low = 0.08 Volts
High = 3.5 Volts or Higher
Low  = 0.4 Volts Max Sinking 5mA
Counter Frequency 100Hz Maximum
Counter Debounce Programmable up to 2 seconds
SDI-12 Mode SDI-12 Master Mode V1.3 Compliant
Connector Three Position Removeable Screw Terminal
RS-232 Type Single RS-232 Configured as a DTE Device
Connector 9-pin D Connector, Male
Baud Rate Programmable
RS-485 Type Single RS-485 Port
Connector 4 Position Screw Terminal
USB Type 2 Host USB - A Connectors USB-A
1 Device Mini-B Connector
Version USB Version 2.0
Power Input Voltage 10.0 to 16.0 Volts Reverse Voltage Protectec
Current Draw Sleep: 3.5mA Max Active 50.0 mA Typical
Connector 2 Position Screw Terminal
RTC Accuracy (Drift) <0.05 Seconds per day
Data Storage Capacity >256 Megabytes
LEDS Power LED Blinks once every 5 seconds when power is present
Active LED Blinks when active
Temperature Operation -40° to +60 °C
Storage -50 to + 80 °C
Humidity 0 to 99% non-condensing
IP Rating Datalogger IP62 (Dust protection and falling water resistant)
Enclosure IP67 Waterproof
Case Type Extruded Aluminium
Size 4.375 Inches Wide
2.45 Inches Deep
7.375 Inches High (including end brackets)
Mounting Hole Pattern 3.0 Inches by 6.800 Inches
Accessories Supplied USB Communication Cable
Wireless Wi Fi Adaptor




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