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YSI Pro 2030 DO / Temp / Cond / Salinity / Temperature Meter

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The Pro 2030 is designed for field measurements of Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity & Salinity with built-in barometer for automatic compensation for dissolved oxygen. A rugged meter designed for the field featuring an industry leading three-year warranty

YSI Pro2030

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Specification Sheets

Pro 2030

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Replacing the popular YSI 85 SCOOT the Pro 2030 is a handheld meter designed specifically for measuring temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, salinity and barometric pressure.

The Pro 2030 is a rugged field meter with Mil-spec (military spec) connectors, IP-67 waterproof and rubber over molded case. The 1-meter drop test specification ensures that the instrument remains in your hands to provide years of sampling even in the harshest field conditions.

All sensors have been tested and certified to the Environment Agencies MCERTS scheme to offer the best confidence in your collect field data.

Additional features include:

  • Internal barometer for highest accuracy
  • Choose field DO sensors (Polarographic or Galvanic)
  • Quick Cal allows DO calibrations within seconds with the push of a button
  • Stores 50 data sets
  • Graphic, backlit display and glow in the dark keypad
  • Available with 1, 4, 10, 20, or 30-meter cables (4-meter and longer cables include cable management kit)
  • View display with polarized sunglasses on
  • Fastest DO response time on the market with 95% response in 8 seconds with standard membrane
  • Multiple languages include English, Spanish, French and German
  • User replaceable DO sensors and cables
  • Conductivity cell built-in
  • 3-year instrument; 2-year cable warranty

When ordering the Pro2030 you must order the instrument, cable, and DO sensor separately, allowing you to choose the system that best fits your application. Conductivity is part of the cable you order and included in the cable purchase.


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Specification Sheets

Pro 2030


Pro2030 Instrument General Specifications

Conductivity ±0.5% of the reading or 1.0 uS/cm, whichever is greater
Barometer Built-in barometer
Cable Lengths* 1- 4- 10- 20- and 30-m lengths (3.28, 13.1, 32.8, 65.6 ft.)
Certifications RoHS, CE, WEEE, IP-67, 1-meter drop test
Connector MS (military spec) waterproof with bayonet lock
Data Memory 50 data sets
Dimensions 8.3 cm width x 21.6 cm length x 5.6 cm depth (3.25 in x 8.5 in x 2.21 in)
Languages English, Spanish, German, French
Power 2 alkaline C-cells providing approximately 400 hours of battery life depending on backlight usage;
low battery indicator
Salinity Input Range 0-70 ppt; automatic - uses conductivity reading; DO compensated for salinity values
Warranty 3-year instrument; 2-year cable; 1-year Polarographic sensors; 6-months Galvanic sensors
Waterproof IP-67 (even with the battery cover off)
Weight with Batteries 475 grams (1.05 lbs)
Conductivity Reference Temp Adjustable; range 15°C to 25°C
Specific Conductance Temp Comp 0 to 4%


Pro2030 System Specifications (Instrument with Cable & Probe)

Sensor Type Range Accuracy Resolution
Dissolved Oxygen (%) Polarographic or Galvanic 0 to 500% air saturation 0 to 200% air saturation, ± 2% of the reading or ±2% air saturation, whichever is greater; 200 to 500% air saturation, ± 6% of the reading 0.1% or 1% air saturation (user selectable)
Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L) Polarographic or Galvanic 0 to 50 mg/L 0 to 20 mg/L, ± 2% of the reading or ±0.2 mg/L, whichever is greater; 20 to 50 mg/L, ± 6% of the reading 0.01 or 0.1 mg/L (user selectable)

Conductivity (mS, uS)

Four-electrode cell 0 to 200 mS/cm (auto range)

1- or 4-m cable, ±1.0% of the reading or 1.0 uS/cm, whichever is greater

10- 20- or 30-m cable, ±2.0% of the reading or 1.0 uS/cm, whichever is greater

0.0001 to 0.1 mS/cm (range dependent)
Salinity (ppt, PSU) Calculated 0 to 70 ppt ±1% of the reading or 0.1 ppt, whichever is greater 0.01 ppt
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) (mg/L, g/L) Calculated 0 to 100 g/L TDS constant range 0.30 to 1.00 (0.65 default) Dependent on temp and conductivity; calculated from those parameters 0.001, 0.01, 0.1 g/L
Temperature -5 to 55°C
(0 to 45°C; DO compensation range for mg/L )
±0.3°C 0.1°C
Barometer 500 to 800 mmHg ±5 mm Hg within ± 15°C temperature range from calibration point 0.1 mm Hg

Ordering Guide

Item # Description
6052030 Pro2030 Handheld instrument
6052030-1 1-m cable for DO/cond/temp
6052030-4 4-m cable for DO/cond/temp (includes cable management kit)
6052030-10 10-m cable for DO/cond/temp (includes cable management kit)
6052030-20 20-m cable for DO/cond/temp (includes cable management kit)
6052030-30 30-m cable for DO/cond/temp (includes cable management kit)
605202 Galvanic Sensor for any cable
605203 Polarographic Sensor for any cable




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