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Oil-in-Water Sensor Kit

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Its now possible to expand your water quality monitoring to include hydrocarbons or oil with the YSI Sensor Adapter. The YSI Sensor Adapter expands water quality monitoring to include third-party analog output sensors allowing the 6 Series sondes to measure hydrocarbons and other parameters.

Cyclops C7

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By plugging the YSI Sensor Adapter into an optical port on a YSI sonde, hydrocarbons can be added to water quality parameters in profiling or continuous monitoring applications such as polluted waters, shipping channels, and mines.


  • Field Upgradable: Lowest-cost solution to adding oil monitoring capability to current monitoring locations
  • No Wiring: No new wiring or external datalogger required
  • CDOM Rejection
  • Compatible with YSI 6600, 6920, 6820, 600OMS sondes and EMM68 harbor buoy

Hydrocarbon monitoring in water is of growing importance near oil platforms, marinas, and spill-affected waters. The stand-alone Turner sensors have been used extensively for oil monitoring. The crude oil sensor is useful for detecting oil throughout the water column in offshore monitoring. Closer to shore, where colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) concentrations can be high and interfere with crude oil readings, the refined fuels sensor is recommended.

Read more about how YSI instruments have been used to monitor the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico:

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The YSI Oil in Water Sensor Adapter Kit includes:

202400 YSI Turner C7 Sensor Adapter with sonde-to-sensor coupler, wet-pluggable C7 connector, and microprocessor controller

One of the following Turner sensor options:

  • 202401 Refined fuels sensor for coastal monitoring
  • 202402 Crude oil sensor for open ocean monitoring
  • 202403 CDOM sensor for coastal monitoring

202414 Extended 14 in. plastic sensor guard without bottom plate (fits 6600 sondes)
202415 Extended transport and calibration cup without endcap and gasket (fits 6600 sondes)
202416 Installation and calibration instructions
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