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Custom Frames / Mounts

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Xylem Analytics UK specialises in the design and construction of mooring frames and stand-pipes to deploy your 6-Series sonde or SonTek ADP

Pelinet monitoring station

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We have a large pool of water quality and hydrology instruments available to you for rental.


Xylem Analytics UK, a division of YSI, works with customers to design custom systems – from simple to complex – for remote monitoring and data collection. Our integrations experience means you don’t have to get bogged down with details of multiple components.

We design, construct, install and maintain hydro-meteorological stations and control systems for customers in Environmental Monitoring, Education/Research, Compliance, Stormwater and Surface Water.

Our knowledge of and hands-on experience with a wide range of products (including YSI, SonTek, Campbell and others) helps us design the best overall system… to fit your needs and your budget and improve your data quality.

Please call Xylem Analytics UK to discuss your application and review options to mount your instrument.

  • Anti-fouling frames for buoy platforms
  • PVC / Steel stand pipes for YSI sondes
  • Anti-trawl bottom mounts for ADCP's
  • Adjustable mounts for side looking ADCP's
  • Shallow water frames for YSI sondes
  • Custom moorings
  • Wireless SDI-12 radios


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Construction from:

  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Box aluminium
  • PVC









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