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Cable Chimp II

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The Cable Chimp II is a great choice when choosing a remotely-operated cableway vechicle. High data-quality stream gauging requires slow, even and repeatable towing, making the Cable Chimp II the best and most reliable way to consistently collect high data-quality from small tethered boats

Cable Chimp

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All Transects Are Not Created Equal

The Cable Chimp II remotely moves slowly across the line to pull your tethered boat across the waterway at the perfect transect speed. The Cable Chimp II is intended for use with OceanScience Riverboats having instrument wells up to 5 inches in diameter or the YSI Hydrodata Torrent Board, and is suggested for slow to intermediate flows of not more than 3m/s. The Cable Chimp II can be used for larger OceanScience Riverboata in flows lower than 1m/s. The Cable Chimp II is not intended for use in areas with debris or standing waves.

Standard Configuration

The Cable Chimp II is operated by a handheld transmitter and is capable of running continuously for 2-3 hours depending on the speed. The drive wheel is designed for use with 1/4" (6mm) high-grip line, continuous filament low stretch three-stand polyester or Kevlar line. An optional safety line can be used on the clamp between the Cable Chimp II and boat for peace of mind.


Typical Water Velocity

2 – 10 fps or .6-3 m/s


9.5” or 24cm


14” or 35.5cm


4.5” or 11.5cm

Construction Material

Lightweight Powder Coated Aluminium

Hardware Material




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