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YSI 6-Series Multiparameter Sondes

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Designed for in situ monitoring and profiling, and ideal for long-term deployments requiring the most complete water quality data record.

This product has received the EA's MCERTS Certification
6-Series Multiparameter Instruments

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We have a large pool of water quality and hydrology instruments available to you for rental.


The 6 series instruments measures up to 15 parameters including: pH, ORP, temeprature, conductivity, salinity, depth, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll, and blue-green algae;  Additional calculated parameters include total dissolved solids, resistivity, and specific conductance.

Utilize YSI’s new optical sensor design and anti-fouling wiper control for improved reliability during extended deployments.

  • Self-cleaning optical sensors with integrated wipers remove biofouling and maintain high data accuracy
  • Field-replaceable sensors make trips to the field quick
  • Optimal power management and built-in battery compartment extends in situ monitoring periods

Find helpful information about water quality monitoring and long-term deployments at YSI's True Cost of Data web site and forum.


Medium Fresh, sea or polluted water
Temperature Operating
-5 to +50°C
-10 to +60°C
Communications RS-232, SDI-12
Software EcoWatch®
Dimensions Diameter
Length, no depth
Length, with depth
3.5 in, 8.9 cm
19.6 in, 49.8 cm
21.6 in, 54.9 cm
7 lbs, 3.18 kg (batteries installed, with depth)
Power External




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