EXO 1 sonde with four smart ports
EXO Handheld
Storm 3


6-Series Multiparameter Instruments
CastAway CTD front and back views.
SonTek M9
Torrent Board


Torrent Board
Cable Chimp
SonTek FlowTracker with Smart QC


SOOGuard Ferrybox
RCM Blue Doppler Current Meter
SL Family


Pro 20 Dissolved Oxygen meter
YSI Pro 1030 meter
YSI Pro2030
Pro 30


YSI ProODO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Instrument
Chatter in well
Radar level
Bubbler with optional display


YSI Professional Plus Instrument in the Lab with Lab-Grade pH Sensor
ProPlus with Quatro attachment
WTW IQ SensorNet


IQ 182
NOx sensor
SAC UVT probe
NitraVis with bumpers


UV-VIS probe
IFL 700 IQ
FDO 700




WTW Inolab 9430 with IDS sensors


Multi 3430
Multi 3420
Multiline 3430
MPP 910 IDS sonde


EcoMapper AUV


The compact HydroSAM provides long-term water quality monitoring for intake protection with less maintenance than larger systems. Shown here inside a protective shelter upstream of the water intake.
6500 Process Monitor
Argonaut-SW Shallow Water
Harbour Buoy illustration.


Antifouling technology developments include copper mesh screens, tape and sensor bodies.


Pelinet monitoring station
650MDS - Multiparameter Display System
Argonaut MD
Argonaut XR


Cyclops C7
Flow Display
SmartGuard Datalogger


Xylem Analytics UK - Let's Solve Water - Formerly YSI Hydrodata
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AADI, SonTek, WTW and SonTek are all quality brands with a worldwide reputation for rugged reliability as well as innovative sensor technology. Xylem Analytics UK (formerly YSI Hydrodata) offers a large range of water quality monitoring and velocity and flow instruments that are sure to suit your laboratory, waste water, hydrology, marine, oceanographic and field water testing requirements.

Product Quick List

YSI EXO 1 Water Quality Multiparameter Sonde

YSI EXO 2 Water Quality Multiparameter Sonde

YSI EXO Handset

YSI Storm 3 'Data to the Web'

YSI 6-Series Multiparameter Sondes

YSI CastAway™ CTD with GPS

SonTek RiverSurveyor S5 and M9 Acoustic Doppler Current Meter

SonTek Torrent Board for ADCP measurements

ADCP Mobile Platforms

Cable Chimp II

Remote Boat for ADCP

SonTek FlowTracker Handheld Flow Meter

SonTek IQ Continuous Flow Meter

Aanderaa SOOGUARD Environmental Shipborne Data Collection System

Aanderaa RCM Blue Current Meter

SonTek Argonaut-SL Side-Looker

YSI Pro 20 Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

YSI Pro 1030 - pH / Conductivity / Salinity / Temperature Meter

YSI Pro 2030 DO / Temp / Cond / Salinity / Temperature Meter

YSI Pro 30 Temperature / Conductivity / Salinity / TDS

YSI ProODO™ Handheld Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter

MJK Chatter Flood Level Monitoring with GPRS telemetry

H-3611/H-3612/H-3613 SDI-12 Radar Water Level Sensors

Waterlog H-3553 Bubbler / Pressure

RQ-30 latest generation RADAR for non-contact discharge measurement

YSI ProPlus Multiparameter

YSI ProPlus Quatro Multiparameter

WTW IQ SensorNet 2020XT Wastewater Monitor

WTW IQ SensorNet 182 XT Wastewater Monitor



WTW NitraVIS NI Nitrate & Nitrite UV sensor

WTW CarboVis - COD / TOC / DOC / BOD / SAC / UVT sensor

WTW NiCaVis NI Nitrate, Nitrite, COD / TOC / DOC / BOD / SAC / UVT sensor

WTW IFL 700 IQ Sludge Blanket Level Measurement

WTW FDO 700 IQ Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

WTW VARiON 700 IQ Ammonium / Nitrate / Potassium

WTW AmmoLyt 700 IQ Ammonium / Potassium

WTW NitraLyt 700 IQ Nitrate

WTW VisoTurb 700 IQ Turbidity with Ultrasonic Cleaning

WTW ViSolid 700 IQ Total Suspended Solids with Ultrasonic Cleaning

WTW SensoLyt 700 IQ pH / ORP

WTW TetraCon 700 IQ Conductivity / Salinity / TDS

WTW Inolab 9430 IDS Multiparameter Laboratory Meter

WTW Multi 3410 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter

WTW Multi 3420 Multiparameter Water Quality Meter

WTW Multi 3430 Multiparameter Water Quality Meter

WTW MPP 910 IDS Multiparameter Sonde

WTW MPP 930 IDS Multiparameter Sonde

YSI EcoMapper AUV

YSI PeliNet Portable Telemetry

YSI Vertical Profiling Systems

YSI HydroSAM Intake Monitor

YSI 6500 Process Monitor

SonTek Argonaut-SW Shallow Water

YSI Harbour Buoy Platform - EMM68

YSI EMM700 Data Buoy Platform

YSI Anti-Fouling Kits

Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)

Custom Cabinets

Custom Frames / Mounts

YSI 650MDS Data Display / Logger

SonTek Argonaut MD Mooring Deployed

SonTek Argonaut XR Extended Range

Oil-in-Water Sensor Kit

SonTek Real-time Flow Display

Aanderaa SmartGuard Datalogger