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Xylem Analytics are a major global manufacturer of market leading brands such as YSI, SonTek, Aanderaa, MJK and WTW. The groups success is built on innovation & application expertise with water quality monitoring instrumentation and flow monitoring instrumentation. Customers around the world choose Xylem Analytics because our instruments are designed and manufactured specially for their applications.

YSI - SonTek - AADI - WTW
  • Chatter Flood Alert
  • EXO multiparameter water quality sonde
  • Tackling Diffuse Pollution with Catchment Monitoring - Read More
  • WTW IQ SensorNet
  • AADI RCM Blue
  • WTW MPP 930 multiparameter sonde
  • SonTek IQ Flowmeter
  • Aanderaa SOOGUARD Ferry Box

Featured Applications

Discharge and Velocity

With seemingly ever changing climatic conditions, from flood to drought, accurate flow measurements are critical to managing water

Pollution Monitoring

Pollution monitoring technology has advanced considerably & many options now exist for monitoring both diffuse & point source pollution.

Water Quality

News Updates

Marine News Issue 1, 2014

EMM 2.0 Buoy

Newsletter previews Oceanology 2014 and the latest Marine products from Xylem...



Hydrometry News - Issue 1, 2014

Seal Sands

Barely a day passes when flooding is not in the news: either new warnings are being issued; the extent of recent flood damage is being reported; or politicians and others are debating the need for greater funding....



Rental Specials

SonTek Argonaut-SW Shallow Water

Argonaut-SW Shallow Water

The SonTek Argonaut SW (shallow water) is designed to measure flows in small channels from 0.3 m to 5 m deep. Using advanced pulsed Doppler technology the Argonaut SW can be used on sites...


SonTek Argonaut-SL Side-Looker

SL Family

Designed with the need for an easy way to measure water velocity, level and calculate flow / discharge in open channels, the Argonaut-SL has earned worldwide acceptance as a long-term monitoring...



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