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Wastewater Monitoring

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The WTW IQ SensorNet has for many years set the standard for online measuring technology. The innovative digital sensors in this system represents the state of the art in process measuring. The new spectral UV-VIS sensors CarboVis, NitraVis and NiCaVis allow for chemical free measurements of COD, TOC, BOD, SAC, NO3 and TSS directly in the waste water process.

System wide process control
System wide process controlSystem wide process control WTW 182 systemWTW 182 system WTW 2020 NetworkWTW 2020 Network
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WTW 181

WTW IQ SensorNet 181 Wastewater Monitor

The WTW IQ SENSOR NET 181 utilises WTW's digital IQ sensor technology to measure one of Turbidity (with ultrasonic cleaning), Optical Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, ORP or pH. Designed as one controller, one probe this is the entry level solution from the IQ SensorNet family.


IQ 182

WTW IQ SensorNet 182 XT Wastewater Monitor

The WTW IQ SENSOR NET 182, 182 XT, or 182 XT-4 is a modular system for a complete sensor network ideal for various installation needs. The modular system can accept additional sensors easily at any time. This is a powerful system to continuously measurement water quality parameters anywhere is a facility for process control.


WTW IQ SensorNet

WTW IQ SensorNet 2020XT Wastewater Monitor

Improve operational efficiency with continuous data. With an easily scaleable solution, the 2020 XT allows for the connection of up to 20 sensors. Add sensors at any time and at any location or change them out with ease. This completely modular plug-and-play system allows you to monitor and control the water quality in your waste water facility continuously and accurately.


NOx sensor


Nitrate measurement: Without servicing, without wiper


SAC UVT probe


SAC & UVT measurement: Without servicing - Without wiper


NitraVis with bumpers

WTW NitraVIS NI Nitrate & Nitrite UV sensor

Chemical-free measurement of Nitrate and Nitrite directly in the process


UV-VIS probe

WTW CarboVis - COD / TOC / DOC / BOD / SAC / UVT sensor

Chemical-free measurement of COD / TOC / DOC / BOD / SAC / UVT directly in the process.



WTW NiCaVis NI Nitrate, Nitrite, COD / TOC / DOC / BOD / SAC / UVT sensor

Chemical-free measurement of Nitrate, Nitrite, COD / TOC / DOC / BOD / SAC / UVT directly in the process.


IFL 700 IQ

WTW IFL 700 IQ Sludge Blanket Level Measurement

Digital interface level measurement using ultasonde echo measurement


FDO 700

WTW FDO 700 IQ Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor with 45º sensor (eliminate bubbles) and two year membrane life



WTW VARiON 700 IQ Ammonium / Nitrate / Potassium

Ammonium and Nitrate ion-selective with automatic compensation of interferences



WTW AmmoLyt 700 IQ Ammonium / Potassium

Ammonium ion selective with automatic compensation of interferences



WTW NitraLyt 700 IQ Nitrate

Nitrate ion-selective with automatic compensation of interferences



WTW VisoTurb 700 IQ Turbidity with Ultrasonic Cleaning

Unique and proven ultrasonic cleaning takes the cost out of turbidity monitoring with no wipers and  no expensive seal maintenance



WTW ViSolid 700 IQ Total Suspended Solids with Ultrasonic Cleaning

Optical Total Suspended Solids (TSS) measurement with ultrasonic cleaning system



WTW SensoLyt 700 IQ pH / ORP

pH / ORP measurement with field replaceable electrodes



WTW TetraCon 700 IQ Conductivity / Salinity / TDS

Conductivity sensor with conductivity, salinity and TDS outputs



WTW P700 IQ Orthophosphate Analyser

The P 700 for orthophosphate measurement can be used as a stand alone analyzer or used with the IQ SensorNet 2020 XT continuous monitoring and control system.


Multi 3430

WTW Multi 3410 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter

The Multi 3410 is the top of the range handheld meter for the measurement of dissolved oxygen in wastewater applications. The 3410 uses IDS (Intelligent Digital Sensors) technology for the most precise and flexible measurements.



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