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Discharge and Velocity

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At Xylem Analytics UK we are very fortunate to have staff with intimate knowledge of the discharge measurement process and requirements, knowledge that has been passed over into the design of the instruments and knowledge available for you to use too. Whether looking to measure flow in rivers, streams or canals, SonTek hydrology instruments are renowned for their robustness, accuracy, ease of use and practicality.

Torrent board with M9
Torrent board with M9Torrent board with M9 Flowtracker with SWFlowtracker with SW SonTek IQSonTek IQ
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We have a large pool of water quality and hydrology instruments available to you for rental.





Storm 3

YSI Storm 3 'Data to the Web'

The Storm 3 is the next generation browser based datalogger / telemetry solution allowing for simple connection of environmental monitoring equipment to the web or desktop.


SonTek M9

SonTek RiverSurveyor S5 and M9 Acoustic Doppler Current Meter

The RiverSurveyor M9 and S5 are the next generation of acoustic doppler for measuring open channel flow. Using SonTek’s exclusive multiple acoustic frequencies allows continuous shallow-to-deep discharge measurements. A range of new technologies means you can focus on the measurement, not the instrument setup. In addition to this the system has a vertical beam for precise channel definition and it's all designed to work intuitively



SonTek Argonaut-SL Side-Looker

Designed with the need for an easy way to measure water velocity, level and calculate flow / discharge in open channels, the Argonaut-SL has earned worldwide acceptance as a long-term monitoring solution. Fully featured with accessories, mounting options, software, and a variety of integration formats, the Argonaut-SL fits your application in the way you need it to.


Torrent Board

SonTek Torrent Board for ADCP measurements

High speed, low drag ADP surfboard for SonTek S5/M9 RiverSurveyor systems.


Torrent Board

ADCP Mobile Platforms

Xylem Analytics UK offers a complete range of ADCP platforms to suit all applications.


SonTek FlowTracker with Smart QC

SonTek FlowTracker Handheld Flow Meter

The Flowtracker has been designed with the field user in mind, this handheld Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV) measures 2D or 3D currents, attaches easily to wading rods, and features an automatic discharge computation using a variety of international methods, including ISO and USGS standards. At the end of the data run, just press a button and the FlowTracker calculates the discharge for you!



SonTek IQ Continuous Flow Meter

The SonTek-IQ uses a custom flow algorithm derived from hundreds of field measurements to output volume, flow, level and velocity in small channels


RCM Blue Doppler Current Meter

Aanderaa RCM Blue Current Meter

The Aanderaa RCM Blue is a self contained single point Doppler current meter with Bluetooth for communications and data retrieval. With a large battery and memory capacity, the instrument can be deployed for in excess of one year.


Bubbler with optional display

Waterlog H-3553 Bubbler / Pressure

The H-3553 is a combined Bubbler with built in Pressure Sensor. The Pressure sensor is a NIST traceable pressure sensor. The sensor directly measures dry gas with accuracy better than 0.02% FSO. Combining high accuracy and low cost. The H-3553 provides the highest purge pressure in the industry at 90 PSI.



YSI PeliNet Portable Telemetry

PeliNet is a portable, instantly deployable, telemetry solution for short term and emergency monitoring applications. PeliNet is based on YSI's Econet system allowing the user to make instant, meaningful decisions without the need for additional costly resources or time-consuming trips to the field.



Custom Cabinets

Xylem Analytics UK specialises in providing the complete water monitoring solution including customised kiosks for all applications.



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Specification Sheets

Torrent Board

River Surveyor

Radar level

R2V2 Remote Boat for ADCP Specifications

H-3553 Bubbler / Pressure

FlowTracker ADV

Argonaut SW

Cable Chimp II

SonTek SL3G

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