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Marine water monitoring is required for a number of purposes: the detection of diffuse pollution; to ensure the compliance of construction projects (especially if dredging is involved); for Environmental Impact Assessments and for scientific research. We can provide monitoring solutions from the surface down to 10,000 metres.

From shallow to deep
From shallow to deepFrom shallow to deep Buoy near Portugal.Buoy near Portugal.
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We have a large pool of water quality and hydrology instruments available to you for rental.




ProDSS meter with probes

ProDSS Multiparameter Water Quality Meter

The ProDSS is the latest and most advanced handheld water quality meter from YSI. Designed for spot sampling, profiling or groundwater applications, the ProDSS uses digital smart sensor technology to simultaneously measure temperature, conductivity, salinity, resistivity, TDS, pH, ORP, optical dissolved oxygen, turbidity, depth and GPS position.


EXO 1 sonde with four smart ports

YSI EXO 1 Water Quality Multiparameter Sonde

YSI has used its long experience in water quality monitoring to develop the ultimate multiparameter sondes for challenging marine and freshwater conditions.

Users can choose the new EXO1 sonde, with ports for 4 sensors, or the new EXO2 sonde, with 6 ports and a central anti-fouling wiper.



YSI EXO 2 Water Quality Multiparameter Sonde

Reduce operating costs whilst collecting the best water quality data using the award winning YSI EXO sonde platform


Storm 3

YSI Storm 3 'Data to the Web'

The Storm 3 is the next generation browser based datalogger / telemetry solution allowing for simple connection of environmental monitoring equipment to the web or desktop.


CastAway CTD front and back views.

YSI CastAway™ CTD with GPS

The YSI Castaway is the worlds first CTD to provide instantaneous profiles for temperature, conductivity, salinity, depth and speed down to 100m.


SOOGuard Ferrybox

Aanderaa SOOGUARD Environmental Shipborne Data Collection System

The Aanderaa SOOGUARD FerryBox system provides environmental water quality monitoring from ships of opportunity using Aanderaa Smart Sensors and the SmartGuard data logger. The system is designed specifically to offer a low maintenance, low operating cost system while providing high quality data.


RCM Blue Doppler Current Meter

Aanderaa RCM Blue Current Meter

The Aanderaa RCM Blue is a self contained single point Doppler current meter with Bluetooth for communications and data retrieval. With a large battery and memory capacity, the instrument can be deployed for in excess of one year.


YSI Pro 1030 meter

YSI Pro 1030 - pH / Conductivity / Salinity / Temperature Meter

The Pro 1030 is the latest in the family of the YSI Professional Series. Measuring temperature, conductivity, pH and salinity with cable lengths up to 30m, this rugged meter is ideal for field monitoring programmes


Radar level

H-3611/H-3612/H-3613 SDI-12 Radar Water Level Sensors

The WaterLOG® H-3600 series radars are a family of SDI-12 water level sensors. Typical applications include non-contact measurement of river, lake and reservoir water level. The H-3611/3612/3613 radars are easy to use and interface with any data recorder/logger that is SDI-12 compliant. The sensors measure Stage in units of Feet, Metres or other engineering units.



YSI PeliNet Portable Telemetry

PeliNet is a portable, instantly deployable, telemetry solution for short term and emergency monitoring applications. PeliNet is based on YSI's Econet system allowing the user to make instant, meaningful decisions without the need for additional costly resources or time-consuming trips to the field.


Harbour Buoy illustration.

YSI Harbour Buoy Platform - EMM68

Small buoy for easy access to water quality data. Quickly deployed environmental monitoring buoy with telemetry and data acquisition electronics.  This buoy is ideal for project-based deployments; it simplifies installation by eliminating the need for a crane, divers and large service equipment.



YSI EMM700 Data Buoy Platform

The EMM700 buoy is a medium-sized platform suitable for near-shore and inland water applications.  It is designed around logging, sensors, and remote telemetry.  The bay buoy platform will deliver data for years, making it suitable for research and long-term monitoring applications.


Antifouling technology developments include copper mesh screens, tape and sensor bodies.

YSI Anti-Fouling Kits

YSI's Anti-fouling Kits, designed for 6-Series Sondes, are reliable and affordable ways to significantly lengthen deployment times, reduce operating costs, and ensure high-quality data for continuously deployed monitoring systems.



Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)

PAR measures irradiance -- the amount of sunlight or ambient light that diffuses through water compared to surface light, PAR focuses on the dynamics of the photic zone, typically 1 - 5 meters below the surface and leads to an understanding of photosynthesis, toxic algae blooms and eutrophication (nutrient loading)


650MDS - Multiparameter Display System

YSI 650MDS Data Display / Logger

The YSI 650 is a field rugged display / datalogger capable of communicating with any YSI 6-Series multiparameter instrument


Argonaut MD

SonTek Argonaut MD Mooring Deployed

The Argonaut MD (Mooring Deployment) acoustic doppler current meter is the instrument of choice in the oceanographic community.


Cyclops C7

Oil-in-Water Sensor Kit

Its now possible to expand your water quality monitoring to include hydrocarbons or oil with the YSI Sensor Adapter. The YSI Sensor Adapter expands water quality monitoring to include third-party analog output sensors allowing the 6 Series sondes to measure hydrocarbons and other parameters.


SmartGuard Datalogger

Aanderaa SmartGuard Datalogger

The next generation sensor and instrument datalogger for Ocean, Lake, Reservoir, Estuary and River Hydrometric stations.



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Specification Sheets

SmartGuard Datalogger

SeaGuardII DCP

SeaGuard RCM Basic

RCM Blue

Radar level

HD-125 Buoy Platform

Pod V-Fins

Standard V-Fins

EMM700 Bay Buoy

EMM68 Harbour Buoy

EXO sonde

Argonaut XR

Argonaut MD

Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)


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